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Even if you are not currently a client of Topsham Insurance Services Ltd we are happy to share some of the insurance expertise with have picked up over the last 20 years both the potential pitfalls of the “small print” as well as the important considerations of the range of cover you should buy.

Home Insurance

Accidental Damage

The question is always asked when requesting a quotation for either Buildings or Contents: would you like Accidental Damage cover ? But does anyone actually know what it means and what extra cover they are getting ?

Here are 2 good examples:

Heavy rain can penetrate a roof which is reaching the end of its useful life. The damage to the roof is not covered as it is deemed to be “wear and tear” but what about the subsequent damage to internal decor and contents ? With so-called “standard” cover this would also not be cover. However with “Accidental Damage” cover the policy would respond.

Coffee split on to your keyboard; coke down the back of the TV; paint split on the carpet – these are all examples of “accidents” which are covered if you have “Accidental Damage” cover.

Shop, Office, Pub, Restaurant etc. insurance

Security requirements

Unless you specifically negotiate an amendment, just about all UK insurers who provide this type of insurance will insist on a minimum level of security. Basically this means key operated window locks on all ground floor and other accessible opening windows (even if they have been secured in other ways like nailed shut) and this includes small fanlights. Louvre windows normally have to be replaced with sheet glass. All external wooden doors must have five lever mortice deadlocks, (and other types of doors will have other specified requirements, subject to the appropriate British Standard .

If you don’t comply with this requirement then a theft claim can be thrown out – and many insurance advisers don’t even explain that this condition applies.

Read through your policy booklet now and find the security requirements. If you have never been told about it or you can’t comply maybe you should speak to an adviser who discusses all these things up front !

Public Liability

Do you sometimes put an A-board out on the pavement ? Most local councils require you to have a Public Liability Limit of Indemnity of £5,000,000, whereas most policies come with just £2,000,000 as standard.

Residential Property Owners

Student Lets

Do you have an 11 month tenancy with August (which has 31 days) being vacant most years? Did you know that some policies restrict cover after the property has been unoccupied after 30 days Make sure you don’t lose vital cover because of the unoccupancy restrictions in your policy.

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